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Starting January 2021 in Mexico as "On Site Project Manager" for the Hot Strip Mill Turn Key Project ARCELOR MITTAL at Lazaro Cardenas and June 2022 at TERNIUM Hot Skin Pass Mill as Task Force Manager

The focus for ARCELOR Mittal Lazaro Cardenas was to increase the progress and performance of 2020 installation dramatically. The inefficiency resulted from the in-competences of the local civil and installation companies and the lack of availability of competent local installation personnel.

Essential improvements could be achieved mainly with bringing more than 10 new installation companies, especially for piping, electric & automation system installation, as well as the forming of a new competent on site team.
Furthermore excellent client cooperation could be achieved to reach the common goal.

For TERNIUM the goal was to prepare structure, road map and processes for the FAC  Performance Tests - Availability as well as Production and Quality Tests for the Hot Skin Pass Mill. This needed internal alignment with PRIMETALS location in Japan, US, Germany and Austria as well as different cultures within TERNIUM such as Argentinian, Columbian, Venezuelan and of course Mexican. 


Installation & Commissioning Start
Hot Strip Mill

Mexico - Lazaro Cardenas

the finalization of installation and hot commissioning is ongoing right now and the first coil was successfully rolled on 14 of December 2021
 3 Monthes ahed of Schedule

When I arrived nobody expected that production would take place in 2021, but a strong newly formed PRIMETALS team, many new installation sub-suppliers and excellent cooperation with the customer ARCELOR MITTAL Lazaro Cardenas AMLC made the almost impossible - possible!

THANKS to the entire team, that I was apointed to manage and lead together with my commercial partner.

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