...my Methodes and Tools

Execution and implementation skills

Site Manager Coaching
as Mentor and Sparring Partner

for different levels of experience Define goals - present reality / current situation - clarify options - take actions

"On the Job"  Site Management Training

Conduct trainings for professional site reporting, scheduling, logistics ...
at installation sites - individual & small group trainings

Risk Analysis

Quantify and assess project risks, determine and track implementation measures

Site Leadership and Management Skills

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses with the help of a personality profile

Tool Box

Modify / adapt and define processes & procedures and checklists

Site Audit

Project & construction site analysis to identify, prioritize and implement improvements

Lessons Learned

identify potential for improvement in ongoing projects and on construction sites and implement them in future projects

Interim Management

Involvement as interim manager to bring external expertise to your company in the short and medium term

Leadership = Rethinking

Rethinking processes - initiate and support

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